Do you want to become a member of TC Engelsbergen?

Send the following form  2022-registrationform TCE including a recent passport photograph to the member administration

For more information on our introduction membership possibilities, please contact the member administration.

Membership fee:

  • registration fee € 10,-
  • membership adults: € 165,-
  • membership juniors (13 – 17 years): € 100
  • membership kids (6 – 13 years): € 70
  • competition membership: € 55 (valid from a month before start of competition until the last playing day)

Rules of membership and membership fee:

  • The membership fee is determined in the general members meeting in January.
  • You are a member for a full year, starting from 1 January until 31st December.
  • You can unsubscribe for the following year by informing the member adminstration at least before 20st December of the preceding year.
  • Payment of membership fee is done by direct debit or ideal.
  • Collection of membership fee is outsourcedd to clubcollect, see this message for more information.
  • Payment in 2 terms is permitted.